Vegetation Analysis

Vegetation Analysis.jpg

Successfully establishing native vegetation following mining activities requires years of maintenance and monitoring. SiteSee aims to improve this process by providing site-wide characterization of vegetation status using high-resolution multispectral data. Using advanced imagery analytics, we extract information such as percent vegetation cover, shrub density, vegetation height, and vegetation stress from remote sensing data — dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to collect these data compared to manual methods.

Adit Identification

SiteSee uses drone surveys to collect imagery across a mining site

Understanding the locations of abandoned mine features is important to reducing safety hazards and preventing environmental contamination. Limited historical records and challenging topography often prevents companies from knowing the locations of adits, shafts, and other abandoned mine structures on their sites. SiteSee uses drone surveys to collect imagery across a mining site, including in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by foot. Using these images and our custom proprietary software we identify and locate abandoned mine features.

Elevation & Slope Analysis


An accurate understanding of elevation and slope is key to any mining restoration process. SiteSee measures elevations using LiDAR sensors or photogrammetry to create a site-wide elevation and slope map. SiteSee can also conduct change analysis over time with elevation data from multiple time periods.

Hydrology Analysis

Hydrology Analysis.png

Preventing acid mine drainage is a major challenge at coal and hard rock mining sites. SiteSee collects and analyzes high-resolution LiDAR data to create a detailed understanding of where water is flowing.

Data Visualization


SiteSee delivers our analyses to clients in an online data visualization platform, giving clients the power to interact with and explore the data. Our platform is designed to be a collaboration tool and is a centralized repository of data over time. It is a tool that helps our clients make the critical decisions necessary to efficiently restore their lands.